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How it works?

You fill in a declaration

By completing this form you declare how often and for whom you want to offer a prayer. You get a confirmation and additional guidance. If you want your name will be posted on our website indicating that you pray with us for the Missions. You can also remain anonymous.

You pray for missions

You pray for the intentions of the missionary enfolding him in care. If you choose to pray for the missions – we will give you regularly send specific intentions, in which we will ask you for your prayers. Regardless of how often you offer your prayers – even if one thought carried to the God is a great gift for the Mission.

The fruit of prayer

Prayer is much more than money, which we can support the poor. When we pray we are not acting alone, but we are giving the opportunity to act Almighty God, Who can do everything, if we ask Him. The fruit of prayer is not only the specific assistance missions, but also better your relationship with God.

Mass Intention

You can order a mass intention (Mass or Gregorian Mass), which our priest or missionary will conduct.

Order a Mass Intention

Support a missionary

If you want to financially support chosen missionary, click below

Support a missionary
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