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How it works

You complete the declaration

By completing the above form you decide on the country, amount and the time for which you want to support the child. Upon receiving the confirmation of joining the programme you become ‘the adoptive parent.’

You secure education

By paying regularly you secure the education for a group of children from the chosen country. It is possible thanks to the cooperation of many adoptive families, who jointly finance the costs of education of the group of children.

You receive the information

At least once per quarter you receive from us an Adoptive Newsletter, where you can find the news from the centres included in the programme. The newsletter will be sent via the communication method chosen by you.

They have already adopted

    Meet the childern and adoptive countries


    The second, newly-opened, Salesian center in Bangladesh is in Lokhikul.


    In Nairobi, around forty thousand children live on the streets.


    The project supports the primary school in Biharamulo, built by SWM.


    A small town, Kasisi, has the largest orphanage in Zambia.

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    What is Love Adoption

    Love Adoption is a project, the main aim – providing the poor children from various parts of the world with education. The project is run by the Association Salezjanski Wolontariat Misyjny MLODZI SWIATU (Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service THE YOUTH FOR THE WORLD) headquartered in Krakow. Currently we support the children from the centers in Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Bangladesh. Each center has appointed the so called programme coordinator. It is the coordinator who decides which children require the support of the project. By completing the declaration, the donator automatically becomes the adoptive parent of these children. He or she prays for them and builds up the adoptive fund, from which the money is distributed to all centers. Then the coordinators give out the money in accordance with the needs of the children. The children, therefore, are not assigned to the particular adoptive parent, which allows for more effective and just division of the funds depending on the real needs of the children. The coordinators regularly give account of how the money was spent. Once a quarter the adoptive parents receive the information from the adoption centers in the form of the so called Adoptive Newsletter.

    How much and how often should I pay the adoptive fund?

    It depends on the financial possibilities and the will of the donator. We do not impose any amounts. It is the honesty of the intention that counts. Every penny boosts the fund from which the money is sent to the centers for education of the chosen children in need.
    For example, the annual costs per one child in Bangladesh are as follows:
    – tuition fees – 40 euro
    – excersise books, coursebooks etc – 20 euro
    – school uniform – 7 euro
    – food – 240 euro
    Altogether: 307 euro, so assuming the rate of exchange at 4.17 zl = 1289 zl annualy per child, so ca. 100 zl monthly.
    For Africa the average daily cost can be assumed as 3 zl, which makes it 1080 zl annually per child, so ca. 90 zl monthly.

    Does Adoption mean only sending money?

    The participation in the Programme is aimless without supporting the children spiritually in the form of prayer. The prayer and alms are the optimum set that is a great tool to fight away the poverty. Let us pray for the wise entrance into adulthood for the adoptive children. Pray for their ability to use the knowlegde they gained at school wisely in their adult life. Pray for them to never ever forget about God, who is the true Giver of all good. It can be any form of prayer, as God listens to everyone who turns to Him with all their heart.

    How to become an adoptive parent?

    It is very easy. Just complete the online form that is available on the programme web page or send the declaration of participation via traditional mail to: Salezjański Wolontariat Misyjny MŁODZI ŚWIATU, ul. Tyniecka 39, 30-323 Kraków with annotation: Love Adoption. The declaration is only for informative purposes for us and does not stand for a financial commitment. It allows us to plan the scale of the help and the amount of cash that will be transferred to the adoptive centers.

    Will I receive the information about the child that I have adopted?

    The programme Love Adoption has the features of a project. It means that donators are not assigned to particular children. The adoptive parents support a group of children from the chosen center. This enables the coordinators to distribute the funds in a more equitable and effective way. We would like the help to arrive to every child in the given region that requires it. The help may vary depending on the situation of a child. Each adoptive parent receives quarterly the so called Adoptive Newsletter, where they will find the current information about the children supported by the Programme (with the division into the centers): interviews, letters, photos, reports from the events in the centers etc.

    Why should I trust you?

    The Association Salezjanski Wolontariat Misyjny MLODZI SWIATU (Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service THE YOUTH FOR THE WORLD) has provided the most needy people in the world with the effective help by carrying out numerous projects and initiatives for over 18 years. Our Mission is evangelization by action. We believe that only in the firm action we can show the immeasurable goodness of the God. We regularly release reports on our operation. We have the status of Public Profit NGO.

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