We’re opening schools, hospitals, we’re investing in infrastructure which benefits all the most poor people all over the world. The idea only is not enough, and we will not do anything with willingness only. So that’s why you are invited to create a better future by helping our missionary projects.

Adoption of Love

Adoption of Love, or Distance Adoption, or Adoption of Heart is not an one-time gesture of goodness, but a responsability for the other human being, from Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya or Bangladesh. You can surround with love and financial support young people, who doesn’t have financial resources for food or education – which are bacis needs of every man. Are you ready? Adopt love.

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Missions aren’t easy. It’s a constant battle for the good of another human, in which the missionaries are taking part. It’s them who works on every world’s corner, to make people know that Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. But they cannot deal with it by themselves - they need you and your prayer. It’s the best ammunition!

Movies with a mission

170,000 – it’s the number of Christians, who are dying for the faith every year. Every three minutes – somewhere in the world – a man who believes in God is killed. We are creating a series of documentaries “Persecuted, Forgotten”, which are telling about the situation of Christians all over the world. Despite the name “Persecuted, Forgotten”, don’t let them be forgotten.

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People with passion, talents, ready to share their time with others. They don’t lack the motivation for action or enthusiasm for work - they’re our Volunteers. Over 350 were already working on the missions, and in Poland much more. Do you want to be one of them and give yourself to the others? Together we can do more!

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Villages of the World

Do the giraffes living in Ghana? Does the igloo melt in the sun? Does the rain stick really work? The questions are many, and the answers you will find in Global Education Park – Global Villages. In there you will see, touch and feel the most distant places and cultures – it’s the whole world in one place.

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